Daine Dvorak

Portfolio Examples of Client projects completed in the last 2 years.

My name is Daine Dvorak | Digital Media Marketer specializing in local businesses service or product, SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, promo design & campaign.

Led strategic development of internet marketing (SEO/SEM) campaigns to improve clients' website ranking, traffic, and brand awareness. As a result, organic traffic for the top 3 accounts increased by approximately 83% compared to the previous year.
Edger To Learn New Information – Keeping me ahead of my competition and on top of the industry
Increased Facebook fans by 481% for 4 Local service/product Businesses through social media marketing, email blast, and engaging promo videos.
Need Challenges & Capable of Multitasking
Directed programs and designed campaigns that launched the company and had revenue growth of over 65K in 7 months after launch.
Achieved SERP domination with 80+ 1st place Google rankings for competitive keywords such as towing, jump start, and roadside assistance. Secured golden triangle visibility on valuable internet real estate.
I have created 3 businesses that are generating over 50K a year from an idea the client had brought to me and hired me to develop the service and business.
Launched advertising campaigns, and SEO markup that increased traffic to NOCIX.net site by 190% in a 6 month period.
Increased online net sales by 290% for Veterans Press by creating a Video course (2014) for business that need yearly HIPAA Compliance Training
Increased online net sales by 290% for Veterans Press by creating a Video course (2014) for businesses that need yearly HIPAA Compliance Training.

Powerful Servers: Affordably Priced

NOCIX is your home for highly reliable, low cost virtual servers and cheap dedicated servers. We look forward to fulfilling your hosting needs.

KC Buffet

KC Buffet is a Chinese Buffet located in Johnson County, KS USA. I developed this website from top to bottom including but not limited to Design, Back-end Development, Product landing pages, graphics, videos, text, created all social media pages and optimized all business listings for local searches.

MidWest Biochar

MidWest Biochar’s Premium Biochar will support greater water retention, increased microbial activity, better nitrogen absorption and it will continue to improve your soil year after year.

Pro-Tow Auto Transport and Towing

With over 32+ years in business and the 3rd largest towing company in the region I am responsible for increasing cash calls through any digital media marketing channel I choose. I developed all the content, design, SEO, and perform ongoing website changes to optimize user experience.


JETTLIFE TECH is my full-service digital media marketing company that i use for all freelance work. We are Focused on helping forward thinking organizations achieve their business goals.

Problem Parker

NEW Parking Management System for multi-family communities – That pays you to use! Linking your towing vendor with property management staff to record, and enforce parking violations. Add Accountability, Save Time, Increase Retention Rates, plus keep all management staff 360 in the know.


LIFTnLOCK 2.0 is auto-loading wheel lift attachment for your forklift or skid steer that makes moving vehicles on your property easy, quick, and damage free. LIFTnLOCK 2.0 is the world’s fastest way to move a vehicle on your property. New Low Profile design makes it the thinnest on the market!

Dvorak Law, Chartered

Professionally and zealously represent you and preserve your rights and privileges to the fullest extent of the law.


The list below is just a showcase of top skills that i believe will help you gain clear understanding of my abilities to help your company achieve its goals.

Microsoft Office 365

Proficient and advanced in my use of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

Excellent Time Management

Being a freelancer, requires excellent time management, organization,
problem-solving, and would have no problem adapting

Google Partner

Google Certified For Search, Mobile advertising and I personally am certified for Video, App, Display, Shopping, and App Advertising.


8+ years i have been developing WordPress sites, optimizing for search, speed, and creating immersive cutting edge designs for many clients.

Google Ads Certified

Google Certified For Search, Mobile advertising and have 4+ years experience with a Google Ads Manager Account, managing over 75k+ per year as a freelancer.

Social Media Marketing

Experienced with Facebook Manager, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest Promoted Pins, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Schema Markup, Structured data markup, keyword optimization and much more! I have a few special strategies that always work for my clients that i had developed over time.

Graphic Design

I have been working Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier Pro, Lightroom, Dreamweaver & Muse for the last 3+ years almost daily.

Social Media

I have 3+ years experience setting up client social media account to conform to there brand requirements and deliver a consistent user experience for customers.

Data Reporting - Presenting

Success can never be achieved without tracking and reviewing your analytics. I can take detailed complex analytical data and convert to informational, clear reports. I have an advanced ability with Microsoft PowerPoint, & try new tools all the time to cut my time spent on creating reports.


I have great organization skills as i find it to be necessary to work efficiently and provide clients the information they request quickly.

Video Promotions

I have extensive experience creating engaging promotional videos in Adobe After Effects, and Premiere Pro, and can create promotional videos that will be properly sized for any marketing uses like social media and blog posts.