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The instructions below are specific to PowerSpec i3 Mini Duplicator however they can serve as a general guide to anyone new to 3D printing.

So I figured out the solution to any size of object, or any shape, that guarantees results – the ONLY variable left to you is leveling the bed. I was trying to print large object (parts for 3d scanner) and​​ had terrible warping issue when the print extended edge to edge and top to bottom with 3 mm left on top and 0 on sides.

I then dedicated to solving this issue after everything I was previously reading to get my very 1st print actually to finish; i knew it was possible with what it comes with.
Comes down to a few steps.
1. PLA+
2. Print Temperature 235C
3. Bed Adhesion (Blue Painters Tape wiped with Isopropyl (links below)
2. Print and Install bed stabilizers
3. Isolate the printer – Put in closet
4. Level Bed (use the provided card)
. Change CURA settings
. Use Blue Tape & Rubbing Alcohol (found at any Wal​​mart, CVS, Walgreens)
. Print Worry Free.
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The following is what I did too now have flawless prints no matter what the size, with a bit of brim clean up – hoping someone will contribute who has a bit more experience with slicing software and can help.
**********1. PLA + Temperature (set slicing software print head at 235 degrees Celsius)**********
– When I bought my printer, I was looking at print materials and ensuring this machine did not require cartridges when I realized there was a product called PLA+ and PLA. I immediately searched and couldn’t find anything (even though I am a digital media marketing specialist) all I ran across was someone who did a through print test between the two. RESULTS: PLA+ was printing much more consistent, but at higher temperatures. When I went into my local MicroCenter to pick up this hell of a deal, I told the guy I wanted the PLA+, and he told me it would not work. I told him you b wrong, and it comes with sample PLA anyways, so I trusted my judgment.
Prints much higher quality but that is based solely on my comparison from sample white material in a package vs. Inland 1.75mm Black PLA 3D Printer Filament – 1kg Spool (2.2 lbs) (Link: https://g.co/kgs/RvUim8)
TEMPERATURE (235-237 @ 100% print speed)- you all are crazy, or PLA+ is that different within its chemical properties because I doubt my printer would even squeeze a little bit out at the low 210 temps, when I get around 230 it starts Harding to fast out of the nozzle.
BED Adhesion
Blue painters tape with a quick wipe of isopropyl (pure rubbing alcohol – NEEDS TO BE THIS as there is no perfumes or scents, it is raw cleaner. Found at any Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, dollar store, near the medical aid stuff, and usually with three other items with different percentages. I use 99% from my local Walmart
Amazon List of Everything In This Post: http://a.co/fZkVaxY
—-BUY—- Blue Painters Tape (as wide as you can get):
Amazon List of Everything In This Post: http://a.co/fZkVaxY
–Blue Painters Tape: http://a.co/d/4kt3Vcn
**************2. Print bed stabilizers (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3056318)**************
I talked to this person on Thingiverse at the begging of my quest, which led me down the path to researching what individual settings will affect bed adhesion to the PLA+ as that was the only topic that arises on every form for anything to do with warping, and I never felt like the bed of this thing was really stable; especially when I would pull tape on and off.
Printing Instructions:
100% fill or just use attached profile for cura & DO NOT ROTATE OBJECT – must print them as they are designed(however they load in CURA, only rotate horizontal axises to fit the print plate better and evenly center, even though it makes all the sense in the world in the head at the time to flip object to produce better quality – I wouldn’t – 9/10 times makes a lousy print. T
************3. Isolate Printer – Put in closet (surrounding environment)*************************
 — I started out playing with this printer in my living room, and was experiencing a minor warping issue, and really put off the fact that my AC being on blast in my apartment making a difference. Until I set it up in my closet with no breeze around and made the surface beneath it roughly level. Some doors slide in front but don’t use, as the air around it was generally isolated and set back out of the main area does the job. My wife can even do the laundry, and I don’t see any print imperfections (although I ask that woman not too!).
PICTURES OF MY SETUP (converted mining stand for those who know : ) ):
************#. Cura Version (default download fromform site was way overwhelming)**************
Inside my download link package below is version 15.04.6 which is the latest version mentioned in manual, and easiest to work with on setup as a novice. I have attached link as well to download directly, and you can run it alongside any other version or download from there site – https://ultimaker.com/en/products/ultimaker-cura-software/list
TESTING: I started testing on 1 mm high, with rounded corners, a spiral that had eight circles from the outer edge to center. This helped see which side needed to be adjusted after installing these bed stabilizers. I periodically print it again to be sure the plate is square if something significant bumped it (hence laundry room paranoia). After that I started printing the large objects I created in Adobe for my business title and all works 100% perfect every time – except now I want to refine this design and reaching out for pro help if its there. I had some prints in the past, or I messed with settings and forgot, but the raft feature snapped clean right off the item. Ever since I know its possible to make the brim not such B*** to clean up after printing items. I also feel as is 1 or 2 settings are conflicting due to any screw object, that is threaded very heavily (3-6 threads per .5mm), tends not to work at all without tap and die set – or need a lot of sanding. Around the entire bolt, as you can not sand between threads.
************ 8.  
Too Be Continued
Original Publish Date: 11/2/2018

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