Keep Your Website Online 99.9999% Of The Time

Only With JETTLIFE TECH Maintenance Service And Approved Webstacks.


Real-Time Secure & Updated

JETTLIFE TECH will keep your WordPress, plugins and themes updated and security patches applied where necessary.


Website Uptime Monitoring

We ensure your site is accessible 24/7 from any device, anytime, and that’s a guarantee or your money back for the month! (Only applies to AWS Server Setups)


On-Call Tech Support

On-call I.T. Support for 30 mins per month of Expert IT Tech help. Weather it is a little question or something more complicated, give us a call and we will try our best to help you for free with complimentary On-Call I.T. Support. Anything outside of this scope will require a separate service agreement – minutes do not roll over.


Never Lose Any Data With Backups
Redundant Storage Assembly – We will create and maintain 3 Full Backups on a daily basis and store them in your AWS S3 Cloud Storage to prevent against any data loss due to hacking, malware attack or server failure. S3 will store your website in 3 separate edge origins ensuring redundancy of data to never be lost.

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